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The South East and East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society held its open show on 17 November 2002 at North Weald Village Hall, Essex with Mrs. Linda Morton (Linsdown) judging 60 dogs, making 67 entries. The judge's report follows:

Thank you for inviting me to judge at this very well run show. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the exhibitors very sporting. I thank them for their lovely entry.

BIS Deshurland Jome
RBIS Tsarong Tara Tse
BP Deanford Will O'the Wisp on Moorland
BVeteran Tsarong Shantara

Veteran Dog (3)
1 Butler's Colphil Khy-Ang, gold sable dog, with neat head, nice dark eye and expression. Good neck leading to level topline. Good front and rear angulation. Moved well. 2 Martin's Colphil Hampshire Khan; 3 Jeffrey and Holman's Velrok Khamino.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1 Jewels' Deanford Will O'the Wisp on Moorland, what a lovely puppy. Beautiful head with the darkest of eyes. Level topline held on the move. Moved briskly and with drive. BPIS

Puppy Dog (1)
1 Roakes' Foxhue Zar, red/sable dog. Well grown puppy, in very good coat and condition. Level topline. Moved soundly.

Junior Dog (5,1abs)
1 Lloyd-Davies' Baskwood Nyatri Tsenpo of Fernleat, gold dog with lovely head and expression. Lovely ear fringes. Good neck leading to level topline. Beautiful coat. Nice body shape. Moved soundly and with drive. RBD. 2 Davies' Tsarong Dhartse; 3 Breeze and Styles' Hilsar Kahla T'so.

Special Yearling Dog (4,1)
1 B Nyatri Tsenpo of Fernleat; 2 H Kahla T'so; 3 Chapman's Kendoman Golden Sir-Tant.

Post Graduate Dog (4)
1 Smith's Amcross Hakka, red gold dog. A little too long in body in stance, but really pulled himself together on the move. Moved freely with drive. 2 H Kahla T'so; 3 Lafferty's Yllastel Dashing Duke.

Limit Dog (5)
1 Jones' Deshurland Jome, well coated and fringed sable dog, with masculine head, dark eye, good chin, snooty expression, level topline held on the move. Good body shape, he didn't put a paw wrong. Please to award him BD and BIS. 2 Jeffrey and Holman's Velrok Crystal Magician; 3 Johnson's Deshurland Tu-Vok.

Open Dog (6,1)
1 Jones' Tibanchi Next In Line, gold dog with lovely head. Good body and level topline. Nice coat and dringes, moved well. 2 Breeze and Styles' Ambyla Maha Kala among Hilsar; 3 Wilson's Colphil Ol-Li at Belismar.

Veteran Bitch (4)
1 Davies' Tsarong Shantara, 8 years very pretty gold bitch. Neat head, with lovely dark eye. Good body with level topline. Good coat and dringes, moved soundly. BVet. 2 Tylers' Mulltye Ka-Li; 3 Breeze and Styles' Hilsar Jan Belle.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1 Lafferty's Yllastel Maybe Magic, red gold baby, with neat head, level topline and good coat and condition. Held herself together well on the move. 2 Tapp's Velbri Vanilla.

Puppy Bitch (1) abs

Junior Bitch (5, 2)

1 Marsden's Appalachee Rincen-Seba, dark sable pretty girl with good head and dark eye. Good body and level topline. Not yet in full coat. Moved soundly. 2 Jones' Deshurland Sareea; 3 Chapman's Kendoman Golden Amber.

Special Yearling Bitch (4)

1 Johnson and Whitehead's Rhubisk Girl Friday, gold bitch with good head, level topline, good body. Not in full coat, moved well. 2 Butler's Colphil Ca-Lhi-Kho; 3 Marsden's Appalachee Narmo-Chang-Po.

Post Graduate Bitch (9)
1 Davies' Tsarong Tara Tse, took my eye (and ear) as soon as she came in the ring. Lovely gold bitch with the prettiest of heads. Lovely ear fringes good neck leading to level topline, held on the move. Good body and coat with shawl. Lacks her trousers which would be the finishing touch. Nevertheless a really nice bitch (so she was telling everyone). Very pleased to award her BB and RBIS. 2 Jeffrey and Holman's Velrok Dancing Diamond; 3 White's Parkplace Miss Magic At Kechanta.

Limit Bitch (7,2)
1 Lloyd-Davies' Deshurland Myxu of Fernleat, lovely gold bitch with pretty heat good coat, level topline and good movement. Pushed hard to challenge. Pleased to award her RBB. 2 Roper's Ambyla Nyi Cho; 2 Tapp's Jennara Jenna at Velbri.

Open Bitch (6,1)
1 Roper's Ambyla T'shan Tra, sable bitch with nice head and aloof expression. In good coat. Moved well. 2 Jones' Braeduke Malika; 3 Tyler's Mulltye Sas-Si.

Linda Morton (Judge) is home of the PRA Fund and the South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society