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I don’t think I have ever been to a show with a better atmosphere than the South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society championship show at Newmarket Leisure Centre. Exhibitors had obviously come to see their friends & have a good day out & it appeared that they did just that. I was grateful that so many spoke to me during the day & were so friendly. This approach comes from the officials, of course, & I have to say that I saw that lady of many parts, Jane Lilley, in a different light. I admit that I usually tease her disgracefully but this time I was in awe of her excellence as a chairman. Perhaps we should persuade her to conduct seminars on the subject!? It was good to see the retiring sec, Miss Maureen Sharp, looking much better & to meet the new sec, Mrs Alice Riley, full of enthusiasm for her new duties. I was told that the treasurer, Mrs June Tomlinson, has been sitting on various societies’ committees for 45 years. She still keeps all the breed’s archives & is vice-president of this society. The president is Mrs Ann Wynyard & it was good to see her still so interested in the breed — indeed I notice that her Braeduke affix figures in the breeding of many of the top winners.

BEST IN SHOW — Ch Appalachee Narmo-Chang-Po


BEST OPPOSITE SEX — Linsdown Midas

BEST PUPPY — Braeduke Serpo Tsante

BEST VETERAN — Ch Coplhil Cha-Lhi at Tibbylands

VD (7): 1 Weston’s Ch Colphil Cha-Lui at Tibbylands, very pleasing well bodied dog, still looks good at 81/2 years, good forehand, typical head & eye, good outline, in lovely coat & condition. RCC; 2 Breeze & Styles’ Ch Hilsar Duar-A-Pala, good masculine head, nice eye, good bone, legs & feet, nice body, well set tail, very alert & on his toes, amazing to think he will be 11 in Nov; 3 Wynyard’s Ch Colphil Chha-Lu at Braeduke.

MPD (6,2): 1 Poyser & Bodell’s Tinamba Angel of the Locket, I liked him very much. Well grown, pleasing head, good bone & limbs, nicely bodied with good shape, well made hindquarters, moved well; 2 Weston’s Tibbylands Kan-Guy, also promising & made on similar lines to 1. Neat front, good feet, well cushioned muzzle, excellent mouth, good neck & shoulders. 1 had the better outline on the move at present; 3 Johnson & Whitehead’s Rhubisk Hoeggie.

PD (7,1): 1 Morton’s Braeduke Serpo Tsante, mature well grown & bodied 11-month-old, good front & legs, nice feet, good eye, nice muzzle, good neck, shoulders & topline, in lovely coat & furnishing. BP; 2 T Angel of the Locket; 3 Butler’s Colphil Whun-Mor-Tyme.

JD (4,1): 1 Ryman’s Shepernie Alfie Moon, pleasing head, nice ears, very expressive, good body & rib, nice hindquarters, well set tail. Coat just past its best; 2 Stock & Phillips’ Silverset Huckleberry, very raw & needs a little more body & coat to fulfil his potential. Good neck, shoulders & front, very nice topline; 3 Borrett’s Silverset Nutcracker.

YD (3): 1 Morton’s Braeduke Sonam Chumbi, masculine head, well shaped skull, well padded muzzle, good neck, shoulders, nice chest & limbs, good body & rib, level topline, well set tail, nice hindquarters, well presented in good coat & condition. Looks set for a good future. 2 S Alfie Moon; 3 Osborn’s Quailmoor Kifur.

ND (5): 1 T Angel of the Locket; 2 James’ Fernleat Dar Tan Yong, very typical pleasing red puppy, nice head & expression, good shape. As he relaxed & began to enjoy himself started to show how much promise he has. I hope his owner perseveres with him; 3 S Nutcracker.

PGD (12,1): 1 Jewell’s Deanford Will o’the Wisp on Moorland, well balanced, good neck, shoulders, topline & tailset & carriage, one of the best movers. I would like a little more chin but very prettily carried ears & good eyes & expression; 2 Murphy’s Dansteval Phoenix, the same good neck, topline & tail, just not as pleasing in expression but nice muzzle & good dark mask; 3 Mole’s Jesandakai Rainy Day Dancer.

MLD (5): 1 Lloyd-Davies’ Baskwood Nyatri Tsenpo of Fernleat, very attractive gold, pleasing head but could have a little more chin, nicely placed eyes, good neck, shoulders & front, nice outline, well set tail; 2 Jenkins & Hourihane’s Amcross Babbu, neat & well balanced but I would like him more masculine, well shaped skull but could have more cushioning, nice feet, pleasing outline, moved & showed well; 3 Osborn’s Quailmoor Chaenomeles.

LD (6,1): 1 Johnson & Whitehead’s Deshurland Tu Vok, good head, nice eyes & ears, good neck, topline & tailset, well made hindquarters, very good moving. Has lost a few teeth now but is nearly six & generally looked very well; 2 Rose’s Caselden The Pilgrim, lovely deep red coat, good muzzle, eye & ears, pleasing bone, body & rib; just a touch soft which showed moving. Still young & is a real glamour boy so has time to harden a little; 3 Lock’s Yllastel Popped Around to Paulin.

OD (10,2): 1 Morton’s Linsdown Midas for Braeduke, well balanced, good moving light red, balanced head, good eye & ears, very nice front with some width & depth, pleasing legs & feet, good topline & tailset, well presented in good coat & condition, very good bone, body & rib. CC; 2 Croucher’s Bruesown Getchi Gomba, bigger boy, masculine, well made, sound & handsome, in good coat & condition, very good bone, body & rib; 3 Jenkins & Hourihane’s Amcross Krishna.

VB (14,3): super class. 1 Keen’s Ch Deanford Patricia, delightful & beautiful bitch, I put her up as a youngster & she retains her quality & style at over 11 years; 2 Tapp’s Jennara Jenna of Velbri, looked very well at nearly 8. Very good bitch, pleasing body & rib, well carried tail, moved & showed well; 3 Short’s Ch Malia Pastiche, over 13.

MPB (7,2): 1 Poyser & Bodell’s Tinamba Alice Blue Gown, litter sister to MPD winner, good to have 2 such promising babies. Very well made, good neck, shoulders, topline & tailset, nice hindquarters, neat front. Hope she does not grow on too much. BPB; 2 Weston’s Tibbylands Kathy-Kor-Lo, the same age but not as advanced as 1. Pretty head, nice dark eyes, pleasing topline & tailset; 3 Rose’s Caselden Moonlight N Roses.

PB (8,1): 1 T Alice Blue Gown; 2 Morton’s Linsdown Ku Mai Si, very pretty light red coat, pleasing body, rib & depth, nicely muscled thighs. Nice eye, needs a little more cushioning; 3 Lloyd-Davies’ Fernleat Mee Shel Mah Behl.

JB (6,2): 1 Butler’s Colphil Parti Tyme, very nice parti who did everything to win especially on the move. Well balanced, typical head with good muzzle, good bone, rib & substance; 2 Mole’s Molead Myzsh-Ka, very smart good moving parti, well presented in good coat & condition, well set tail. Is on the leg at present & needs to settle in size, 1scored in head; 3 Morton’s Rosanley Its Show Thyme.

YB (7,2): 1 Breeze and Styles’ Baskwood Kol Pa with Hilsar, lovely head, good eye & expression, very good forehand, nice feet, good plume, moved and showed well; 2 Tyler’s Souska All Out of Love for Mulltye, very pleasing feminine bitch, nice front & feet, good body & rib, nice well set tail, well made hindquarters. I found it difficult to separate these two lovely quality bitches; 3 Riley’s Baskwood Nyee Ma Zimpo.

NB (8,1): 1 T Alice Blue Gown; 2 F Mee Shel Ma Behl, pretty red coat, pleasing head, very nice finish, good ears & expression, nice bone, legs & feet. At the in between stage; 3 C Moonlight N Roses.

PGB (17,6): 1 White’s Kechanta Kandi-Floss, very nice red, good head & expression, neat front & feet, pleasing neck, shoulders, topline & tailset; 2 Keen’s Deanford Xochitl, very nice sable with dark overlay, typical head though 1 just had the edge in muzzle, good body & rib, well set tail, moved well. Two nice young bitches; 3 Mole’s Molead Merree-ment.

MLB (12,5): 1 Short’s Malia Athena, very showy r/w, pleasing head, nice cushioning, good front, legs & feet, pleasing topline & tailset, moved & showed well; 2 Graham’s Sparkenhill’s Shing Tsa, feminine s/w, very good head well balanced with well cushioned muzzle, nice eye, correct feet, well bodied; 3 Marsden’s Appalachee Rincen-Seba.

LB (16,4): 1 Tapp’s Velbri Vanilla, feminine fawn, lovely head & expression, good front & feet, pleasing neck, shoulders & outline; 2 Jenkins & Hourhane’s Amcross Parti Phraya, I liked this parti very much but 1 just had the edge on pasterns & finish. Good body, pleasing neck & shoulders, well made hindquarters; 3 Wynyand’s Chenrezi Kharima for Braeduke.

OB (13,1): 1 Marsden’s Ch Appalachee Nalmo-Chang-Po, beautiful fawn, well balanced, feminine & has quality, good head, eye & ears, pleasing front, legs & feet, well bodied, good coat & condition. On top form to take CC & BIS; 2 Jenkins & Hourihane’s Amcross Ku-Manda, lovely red, well bodied, good rib, very well put together & moved accordingly, neat front, good tailset, good head although 1 scored in cushioning. RCC & RBIS; 3 Prentice & Thomson’s Philcar Phorget Me Not at Sanville.

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