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Mrs Jean Dick (Niord) judged the South East and East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society's 11th Championship Show on 13 June 2004 at East Malling Village Hall, Kent with an entry of 108 dogs making 136 entries. Her report follows:

We had a beautiful sunny day outside, and a lovely sunny atmosphere in the hall. My thanks to all exhibitors for their sportsmanship and a lovely entry. My thanks also go to the Office Bearers & Committee for their hospitality.

Best in Show & DCC Deshurland Jome
Reserve Best In Show, RCC & BV Ch Hilsar Duar-a-Pala
Best Opposite Sex & BCC Appalachee Narmo-Chang-Po
RCC & Best Puppy Baskwood Kol-Pa with Hilsar

Veteran Dog (7): 1 Breeze & Styles' Ch Hilsar Duar-a-Pala, very spritely 91/2 yrs, an old favourite of mine, lovely head, well balanced and nicely coated, excellent mover. RCC, RBIS & BV. 2 Weston's Ch Colphil Cha-Lui at Tibbylands, sable, well shaped eye & correct mouth, well bodied with nice turn of stifle, level topline kept on the move. 3 Hayman's Tajatonwi Beautys Beast.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,1abs): 1 Morton's Braeduke Sonam Chumbi, what a happy 8 mths, attractive head with well shaped eye, lovely mouth. Correct front, good spring of rib. When he eventually settled his movement was good.

Puppy Dog (4): 1 Osborn's Quailmoor Kifur, one of the rare blacks shown today, well shaped head with desired "pips," lovely dark eye. Good spring of rib & turn of stifle. Moved well. 2 Wynyard's Braeduke Mechi, pale gold, good mouth, lovely eye, well placed ears with desired fringes, nicely bodied with well carried tail. 3 Davey's Samar Special Edition.

Junior Dog (4): 1 Almey's Parkplace Shining Star at Calamanca, shaded sable, well shaped head, good mouth, correctly shaped dark eye, correct size, nicely balanced. 2 Q. Kifur. 3 B. Mechi.

Special Yearling Dog
(1): 1 B. Mechi.

Novice Dog (5.1): 1 P. Shining Star at C. 2. Q. Kifur. 3 Pavitt's Barrowgreen Solo.

Post Graduate Dog
(7,1): 1 Davies' Tsarong Dhartse, silver sable, balanced, good front, nicely bodied with enough bone, good turn of stifle, level topline, moved well. 2 Jewell's Deanford Will O'the Wisp on Moorland, pale sable, lovely eye, well placed ears well fringed. Correct front, spring of rib, lovely tail carriage. 3 Osborn's Quailmoor Chaenomeles.

Mid Limit Dog (5,1): 1 Turnbull's Quailmoor Chi Tah, silver sable, lovely head, dark well shaped eye, good mouth, nicely cushioned muzzle. Balanced with correct front, body & turn of stifle. Moved well. 2 Breeze & Styles' Hilsar Kahla T'so, silver sable with black mask, Balanced, good spring of rib, level topline, well plumed tail, moved well. 3 Lloyd-Davies' Baskwood Nyatri Tsenpo of Fernleat.

Limit Dog (9): 1 Jones' Deshurland Jome, sable with shaded shawl, one of the few in full coat today, lovely head, well shaped dark eye, muzzle blunt and nicely cushioned. Well balanced, good front, spring of rib & turn of stifle, level topline which he kept on the move, moved soundly. Beautifully presented not a hair out of place. CC & BIS. 2 Redfern's Philcar the Philanderer, gold, correctly shaped head, good eye, well placed ears, blunt muzzle. Good front & body. Level topline, moved well. 3 Morton's Linsdown Kol-Pa.

Open Dog (7,1): 1 D. Jome. 2 Morton's Ch Linsdown Kova, gold, well shaped head, good eye & mouth. Well bodied with correct front & rear. Moved with drive. J Jewell's Kensing Frazer Blazer at Moorland.

Veteran Bitch (12,1): 1 Davies' Tsarong Shantara, gold 91/2 yrs. Lovely neat head, correct eye & mouth, excellent pigment. Well balanced, correct spring of rib, moved with drive. 2 Stock & Phillip's Ch Shamau Sa-La of Silverset, gold & white parti-colour, belied her 131/2 years, another with lovely head, good eye & mouth, balanced, moved like a 2 yr old. 3 Riley's Ch Braeduke Kara Nor for Baskwood.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4): 1 Chapman's Kendoman Golden Sandstone, red with black mask, lovely head, expressive dark eye, well placed ears with correct lift, balanced with nice body, moved smartly. 2 Butler's Colphil Aby-Gayle, gold & white parti, neat head, good eye & mouth, lovely dark pigment. 3 Moran's Avigdor Olivia.

Puppy Bitch (6): 1 Breeze & Style's Baskwood Kol-Pa with Hilsar, pale gold with black mask. Lovely head, dark well shaped eye, correct mouth. Well balanced, correct front with enough bone, well ribbed, sound rear, good coat for age. Very promising, one I will watch with interest. RCC & BP. 2 Jeffrey & Holman's Baskwood Kara Ki Kuli at Velrok, litter sister to 1, very similar in head, good eye, blunt muzzle, nicely bodied, moved well.
3 Riley's Baskwood Nyee Ma Zimpo.

Junior Bitch (9): 1 B. Kol-Pa with H. 2 Weston's Deanford Zena at Tibbylands, silver sable, tidy head with good dark eye, well set ears, correct mouth. Well bodied, level topline kept on the move. 3 B. Kara Ki Kuli at V.

Special Yearling Bitch (10,3): 1 B. Kol-Pa with H. 2 Davey's Samar Classic Harmony, gold with black mask, well balanced with sweet head, dark eye & good mouth, well bodied, sound fore & aft. 3 Dalrymple-Hay's Samar Serenade at Parkplace.

Novice Bitch (6): 1 D. Zena at T. 2 B. Kara Ki Kuli at V. 3 B. Nyee Ma Zimpo.

Post Graduate Bitch (15,3): 1 Wynyard's Chenrezi Khari-Ma for Braeduke, deep gold with black mask, lovely dark eye, well placed ears lovely fringes. Sound with well shaped body, good front & read, well carried tail. 2 Marsden's Appalachee Rincen-Seba silver sable, attractive head, dark eye, well cushioned muzzle, correct front & sound rear. 3 D. Zena at T.

Mid Limit Bitch (2,1): 1 Hayman's Tajatonwi Dark Angel, silver sable, liked her size, well shaped head, lovely dark eye, balanced with good front & read, well plumed tail carried proudly.

Limit Bitch (11,1): 1 Marsden's Appalachee Narmo-Chang-Po, nicely matured gold, good head shape, eye and blunt muzzle of correct length, well placed shoulders, good front, correct turn of stifle, balanced through out. CC her 3rd I believe & BOS. 2 T. Dark Angel. 3 Davies' Tsarong Tara Tse.

Open Bitch
(10,4): 1 Davies' Tsarong Taranatha gold with black mask, neat head, correct eye & mouth, balanced with level topline, nice turn of stifle. Moved well. 2 Young's Ch Anya of Haxted, gold with black mask, balanced with correct small head, well bodied with level topline. Moved soundly. 3 Lloyd- Davies' Deshurland Myxu of Fernleat.

F. J. Dick (Judge) is home of the PRA Fund and the South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society