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I enjoyed my day judging at the SE & EA TSS. I must apologise for this abridged critic, unfortunately I have been under the weather and hope that this shortened version is better than nothing! I was delighted with my top winners and both CC winners were winning that precious third!

Veteran D (5-1ab) 1. Keen's Ch Deanford Quaestor - well known fawn, in excellent form, has the correct overall balance, well placed plume, well coated, carrying the mane that one expects in the mature male. Always appears to me to be on good terms with himself and the world in general.
2. Harvey & Quest's Int Ch Sharbonne Secret Dynasty at Chenrezi, red gold with a pleasing head, similar balnce to winner. Good skull and muzzle, strong short neck, first class pigment and good dark eye. Moves nicely, just preferred winner behind.
3. Breeze & Styles' Ch Hilsar Duar-A-Pala - fawn, gold in a stronger frame than those above. as a good mouth, correct chin and cushioning, preferred the skull shape of the above, strong well set neck, good level topline, pleasing action in front.

Minor P D (2) 1. Harvey, Quest & Jarvis' Chenrezi Ace of Diamonds at Tibrek, forward 7 mth red sable, very good body, pleasing level topline and tail carriage. Very good mouth and chin, well placed and used ears, good dark eye, grand showman who moves neatly and is of the corrct size.
2. Rose's Caselden the Avangelist, immature 6 mths red, another that is of the correct size and has the correct outline and balance. Attracticely proportioned head with a good muzzle. Pleasing topline, has a good body and the right amount of bone, not too heavy and not to fine!

Puppy D (4-1) 1. Simper & Scoates' Clydum Royal Jester 9 mth red, just the right size, balance and outline. Tidy front with the desired slight bow on the upper arm, good length of pastern leading to neat hare feet. Attractive face and expression, good dark eye, correct neck and shoulder placement. Best Puppy in Show.
2. Moran's Karma Luka - clear light gold with lovely dark eyes and excellent nose and eyerim pigment. In a larger mould than the winner, but has the same overall balance, correct front, pleasing hindquarters. Carries a lovely coat of the correct textures, hope he has stopped growing.
3. Lemon & Hutchinson's Oldcharm In Your Eyes - red sable cast a shade longer than the above, and is slightly heavier throughout. Good muzzle length and cushioning, pleasing dark eye. Well coated and in very good condition, well ribbed and level topline.

Junior D (6) 1. Roake's Foxhue Zar - red/gold correct in height to length, moves well, correct bone. Good neck and shoulder placement, strengthening his free forward action, level topline very well carried and set tail, pleasing behind giving true hind movement.
2. Croucher's Bruesown Getchi Gomba, like the winner has prepared for summer in style, has a very good balance and outline, correct bone and body. Correct chin and muzzle, correct skull shape, not overdone in any way, which gives the correct ear placement and carriage. Looks the sort that will go on improving like a fine wine.
3. Jewell's Deanford Will O'the Wisp on Moorland - gold/fawn with a black mask, in great coat and condition, a little over cooked in the ear fringe department for me as I looked for the desired unexaggerated appearance. Atractive head and expression, although a little more chin would improved his position in the class today.

Special Yearling D (3) 1. Breeze & Styles' Hilsar Kahla T'So - dark fawn sable, one of the few who moved as well behind as in front, at his optimum pace he moves truely on two parallel lines. Has a pleasing shoulder and firm hindquarters, well placed tail.
2. D Will O' the Wisp on M
3. Yllastel Popped Around to Paulin - dark fawn sable, very much ready for a long hot summer! Is of pleasing size, made to look on the smaller side by his lack of coat. Has attractive facial features, a little more chin would complete the picture, good dark 'almond' eye, well set on a small head. Good neck, nice bone and good feet.

Novice D (2) 1.C Ace of Diamonds for T
2. Rose's Caseldon the Carved Angel - red in a mass of coat, has the right amount of bone and good rib shape. Has a pleasing outline, a little more deportment would help his balance as, relaxed, he makes himself appear longer cast than he actually is.

Post Grauate D (12-2) 1. Hughes' Andor Valentino at Sherpenie - gold of the correct size and balance. Attractive head, good clean muzzle, of pleasing length, cushioning and chin. Level topline, well placed tail, good hindquarters. In full coat, without a hint of exaggeration.
2. Pickin's Karolinca Pizzicato, red fawn sable with a very good outline and balance, good for size, pleasing neck and shoulder set. Correct muzzle and chin, not quite the finish in skull as the winner. Moves economically and true.
3. Davies' Tsarong Dhartse fawn sable of typical shape and outline, a little heavier in the skull than the above, has a very good chin, dark eye. Thick short neck set well on the forehand. In good coat well carried plume and correct skirts.

Mid Limit D (3) 1. Redfern's Philcar The Philanderer - set in the larger mould but is balanced throughout and has the true outline. Carries the right amount of bone, correct feet, is in first class coat and body. Pleasing head proportions with the correct skull shape, which leads to the right ear placement.
2. Breeze & Styles' Ambyla Kala among Hilsar - Another very dark fawn sable of good size and body balance. Head proportions are ok, would prefer a stronger chin, pleasing eye shape and colour, well placed ears. Could be a little more positive on the move.
3. Rose's Caselden Picasso - red with attractive white markings, very good for size and balance, of a lighter type than the above with a true finish of skull and correct muzzle. Not giving of his best on the day.

Limit D (7) 1. Croucher's Bruesown Barnaby - classic rich red, with the head I had been looking for all day - so well proportioned, smooth lines, dark well shaped eyes, correct muzzle length and cushioning, good skull shape, in balance with the body, well set neck and shoulders, pleasing bone and correct feet. Covers the ground with ease ably assisted by firm hindquarters. Size and outline as recommended by the standard. Res CC
2. Lock's Paulin Poppitin Pete red fawn sable with a really typical outline and balance, good bone and correct body shape. Carrying a good coat of the correct texture. Tidy front with a good forehand, neat effective mover.
3. Jones' Deshurland Jome similar sort to above, good size and balance, carries a little more weight over the shoulders, has attractive facial features with very good pigment throughout, well set neck and shoulders. Correct unexaggerated angulation on the hind quarters.

Open D (12) 1. Hughes' Andor Del Boy - This young man simply refused to be overlooked on the day. Clear gold with clean cut lines and true shape and outline, correct height and length, firm quarters, well placed tail carried gaily over a level topline. Pleasing shoulders and front with desired bow on the forearm, good pasterns and hare feet. Well set strong neck. Attractive head with the desired length of muzzle, good chin and cushioning, well placed dark eyes, correct skull shape and well placed ears. Moved with aplomb, Couldn't be denied CC and BIS
2. Stock & Phillips' Sueshella Can-Tor of Silverset, gold & white p/c, unlucky to meet the winner on such form, has the required balance and carries himself with pride. Correct bone, pleasing bow in front, pastern and feet. Well placed shoulders, level topline good quarters and correctly set and carried tail. Strides out with certainty and truly.
3. Croucher's Bruesown Madonna's Son, red fawn with a correctly proportioned head, first class pigment throughout, correct eye set and shape, and an expression that does not hide his feelings. Sound in limb, positive in action, correct bone and bow.

Veteran B (12-1) 1. Keen's Ch Deanford Patricia - first time I have judged this young lady, although I have admired her from the ringside for a long time, truly does not disappoint. Moves so well, probably due to the fact that she is put together correctly, outpointed her baby brother to take Best Veteran in Show and pushed the youngsters hard in the final challenge.
2. Redfern's Mirenka Parti Joy with Souska, 10 y o red sable white p/c that has so much type shape and balance. Another that could show the youngsters how to move. Corrct size, well set neck and shoulders, good skull shape and muzzle. In first class coat and condition without a hint of exaggeration.
3. Short's Ch Malia Pastiche - another long standing favourite, gold 11 y o, so similar in many ways to the above, has the shape, balance, soundness and clean cut lines around the head that I look for in the true Tibetan Spaniel.

Minor Puppy B (8-1) 1. Croucher's Bruesown Mannequin - rich red of true type shape and size. Has a head that says Tibetan Spaniel to me, nothing apolgetic nor stuffy about this one. Good muzzle length, correct cushioning, excellent pigmentation, good eye, well set in correctly shaped skull, active, well placed ears. Good bone, pleasing body, just gave way on maturity in the challenge for Best Puppy B
2. Hughes' Andor Roseanna - half sister to BIS and has many similar attributes, is more mature in finish of body than the winner, but not quite as ready in finish of head. Has very good pigment, pleasing muzzle and chin. Hope she does not grow on much more.
3. Dalrymple-Hay's Samar Serenade at Parkplace petit gold with a black mask, in excellent coat and condition. Correct tail set, Has a very pretty face, with pleasing dark eye, well set in the small skull. Well placed ears, which she uses to good effect. Hope this one has not stopped growing as an extra half inch all round will really bring her on.

Puppy B (16-4) 1. Lemon & Hutchinson's Oldcharm as You Like It - Best Puppy B, mature showgirl with a good front, please bow and tidy elbows. Good shoulders and body, at the right stage for her age. I liked her balance and outline and carries many of her mother's characteristics. Has pleasing muzzle on a well proportioned head. Positive mover.
2. Redfern Phantastic Flyer, similar red gold. Has the same overall outline and balance, once she settles has the ability to move truly. Good head balance, in proportion to the body, attractive expression. I like her size and appears to be maturing at the right rate. Good coat of the correct texture.
3. Sharp's Silverset Malinde of Shamau - red sable & white p/c with plenty to like about her. Has a pretty face, attractive features, correct skull shape, well placed eyes and ears, good firm neck and shoulders. Pleasing bone and body, good for size, balnce and moves truly

Junior B (8) 1. O'Brien's Bridget Jones of Glishanna, glamourous light gold with a black mask. Ideal size with good length to height ratio. Pleasing hindquarters, unexaggerated angulation, moves to a true line behind, would like a little more freedom in front. Attractive face and expression, good muzzle with correct cushion & chin. Good eye shape and colour. In excellent coat & condition.
2. Tapp's Velbri Vanilla, not quite the glamour of the winner, but a very sound, honest Tibetan Spaniel. First class pigmentation throughout, moves well coming and going. Good for size, has the correct balance, pleasing in bone and has neat hare feet.
3. Lafferty's Yllastel Maybe Magic, similar sort to the second, not quite the proportion in the finish of face, I prefer a little more chin and a shade less cushioning. Another that covers the ground accruately and positively, good size and shape. Nice bone, tidy front.

Special Yearling B (7) 1. Butler's Colphil Ca-Lhi-Kho, pretty headed pale gold and white p/c, pleasing clean lines on the head with sufficient muzzle, correct amount of stop and correct skull shape. Well set strong neck leading to pleasing shoulder lay and good firm front, firm pasterns leading to neat hare feet. Level topline, firm hindquarters, just not back in full bloom on the day, but has lots to like, couldn't be denied her place on the day.
2. V Vanilla
3. Rostron-Denby's Andor Josies Pride, ultra honest red gold, pleasing head, lovely outline and well balanced throughout. Good shoulder placement, well placed plume. Correctly textured coat.

Novice B (6) 1. Lafferty's Yllastel China Doll, red gold with a pleasing spring of rib, level topline, well quarters and well set tail. Nice height and length, shade over done in skull for me, pleasing neck set. Tidy front, neat bow on the forearm.
2. Hodges' Yllastel Bold Lady, fawn gold, similar sort to winner, lower croup than some. Tidy mover, steady showgirl, keeps her shape standing and on the move.
3. Rose's Caselden I believe In Angels, happy soul with a pretty head. Needs to settle to see her at her best. Very good coat and plume, head small in proportion to the body, as recommended in the standard, would like to see her after some 'gym work'.

Post Graduate B (13-3) 1. Riley's Baskwood Mapham Tso, this pale gold as so many pleasing attributes, lovely shape and size, so well balanced and moves neatly. Very well put together with good shoulders, level topline and firm hindquarters. Correct proportions in skull and body, clean head with tidy muzzle.
2. Pickin's Karolinca Sweet Harmony, similar sort, possibly a shade longer cast, I prefer only a slight longer than high ratio. Attractive head and demeanor, neat mover, tidy quarters. Not overdone in any way.
3. Friar's Karakorum Ka-Ra-Mi-Na lovely red another that has the balance I look for, pretty head with tidy proportions. Very good pigment and good dark eye.

Mid Limit B (11-2) 1. Allman's Andor Miss Marple at Shantess, full sister from a later litter to my BIS, and doesn't the dam throw them out with a similar stamp, the litter brother having already won PDG. The more I saw this red gold, the more I liked her. Has the attractive head with the tidy unexaggerated proportions required, blunt muzzle, well cushioned, very good pigment and a lovely dark eye. Pleasing shoulders, tidy front, level topline and a very good tailset. Moves truely and effortlessly, Res CC
2. Harvey's Chenrezi Chase the Wind - a gold that I have a lot of time for, she is so well put together, moves so accurately, unfortunately, like many of the bitches at this stage, was feeling the humidity and making her feelings known and was not showing the sparkle needed at this stage of the game. I like her head and expression, good muzzle and chin, lovely dark eye and very good pigment. Always a strong contender.
3. Hazlehurst's Velbri Miss Molly at Kavarnagh fawn gold which is a more petite sort. Very pretty head, with a lovely dark eye, well set and good shape. Correct amount of dome, giving active well placed ears. Firm neck leading to level topline and an attractive outline. In good coat and fringing. Alert active move.

Limit B (6) 1. Prentice's Philcar Phorget Me Not at Sanville, stylish red with good bone and body. Level topline and very well placed plume. Shown in grand coat and condition. Pleasing head, good features, dark eye, plesing stop, muzzle and cushioning. Tidy front and moves with verve. Positive hindquarters, giving drive behind, but not overcooked.
2. Croucher's Bruesown Nimnoo, honest red with rich deep colour and excellent pigmentation throughout. Preferred her neck set and shoulder placement to the winner. Could be more demanding in her deportment as she makes it easy to overlook her. Her shape, outline, soundness and balance puts her well in the running. Is of the correct size.
3. Short's Malia Remembrance larger sort, who, like many of the larger types, is so sound. Has good bone and body, not exactly co-operating fully with her handler. Prefer the finish of face of the winner.

Open B (13) 1. Moran's Avigdor Obrianna, stylish red gold, has very good carriage and outline. Correct front and forehand, correct in bone and bow, good pasterns and correct feet. Pleasing body, with good rib span, level topline and firm hindquarters. Moves very well from all angles, further evidence of how well put together she is! Pretty face, with attractive features, good firm neck, well set. Saw off some very strong opposition to take CC and Res BIS
2. Lemon & Hutchinson's Ch Souska I'm Not in Love for Oldcharm slightly longer cast than the winner which gives a thicker set appearance, excels in body and soundness. Charming face, with good muzzle length and firm chin. Well placed ears, which she uses to advantage.
3. Croucher's Bruesown Po-Li ultra sound gold fawn with sable overtones. Lovely body, firm front, very similar in outline and balance to the runner up, a little short of body coat on the day, has well placed plume and carries the correct amount of skirts and fringing.

Veronica Hourihane Judge is home of the PRA Fund and the South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society