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We have had Tibetan Spaniels since 1968 and have been showing and breeding approximately one litter a year since then. In 1973 we made up the first particolour champion in the breed - Champion Shamau Tranka. Since then we have bred four more champions including one in New Zealand. We specialise in particolours although we have puppies of all colours.
Ch Shamau Tranka

Our First Five


In 1972 our foundation particolour bitch Silverset Shireen became the winner of the TSA annual Brood Bitch Trophy and the runner up in 1973. In 1978 another of our particolours Shamau Ba Ti Ka became our second champion. We had reserve CC's with four other dogs.

Silverset Shireen ~ Shamau Pipitang ~ Ch Shamau Tranka ~ Ch Shamau Ba Ti Ka ~ Shamau Dege Taikala

Our Family in 1994

In 1991 we had our first particolour bitch champion - Trangka La. Tranka's sister Tiffin, went out to New Zealand and became a champion there. Trangka's daughter Talaria won three Reserve CC's. and her son Terek became the father of Ch Shamau Sa La of Silverset.

I started giving Challenge Certificates in 1987 and have judged Crufts and in Scandinavia . In 1995 I became a Member of the Kennel Club.
Ch Shamau Trangka La ~ Shamau Terek ~ Shamau Talaria ~ Shamau Ta Ka Ri

Tranka, Talaria and Terek all died during 2003 which was a great shock. I have, however, a daughter of Talaria, Shamau Tan Ka who is 6 and she has started our new dynasty with Shamau Ko-Ko-Tan-Ma, who was born in November 2002 and is looking rather nice. Silverset Malindi of Shamau a parti-colour also joined the family in 2002.

 is home of the PRA Fund and the South East & East Anglian Tibetan Spaniel Society